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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 6, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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continuing coverage during this unprecedented time. from my home to yours, on this palm sunday, god bless and good night. >> hopefully in not too distant future we will be proud of the work that we did. carley: fox news alert. new data signals end in sight for worst of covid-19 in the u.s. rob: live sending aid to hot spots. >> that's exactly how we will get through this mess.
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we are here. thank goodness for technology. carley: country music super star sending messages of hope from their living room to yours. rob will be reminder that we are in all this together. "fox & friends" start right now. ♪ ♪ rob: all right, good morning. you're watching "fox & friends first" o. carley: i'm carley shimkus in for jillian mele. new fight against covid-19 shining a light at the end of the tunnel. rob: as the president sends nearly 2,000 ventilators to hard-hit states, experts assure that social distancing is working. carley: live as the nation prepares for toughest week yet,
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todd. >> todd: we are about to suffer the worst of the pandemic. >> the hardest and saddest week of most americans' lives. this is going to be our pearl harbor moment. it'll be happening all over the country. >> todd: death toll in new york stands out, drop from saturday to sunday, governor cuomo telling the nation that his state would be at the apex or at least airplay tow. dr. anthony fauci reminding that hope is in no small part namely social distancing which is needed now more than ever.
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>> we need to be prepared that even though it's clear that mitigation is working. we will see the tail-off of deaths. >> when it comes to ventilators which are complex, we are now building, we have under construction literally thousands of ventilators but so far projection on ventilators have been right. >> todd: more than 17,000 people have recovered from coronavirus. back to you. carley: thank you so much.
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griff jenkins live in washington. griff: some of the governors taking to task they are not >> the president does not understand the world federal, federal management agency. there's no way we can stockpile in anticipation of a pandemic that nobody anticipated. griff: pushing him to take the lead. >> he's always complaining and we are building a 2,500 bed hospital. we are hoping to staffing it and
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he's not able to do what he's able to do as governor. he has not performed well. griff: on another front more criticism to declare national state order, blasting the white house for policy that she says creating dangerous situation. there are 9 states. let me show you them holding out issues such as national order. this comes as surgeon general stop short of making announcement of a national order but encouraging the states to take their own actions now. >> that's why we put out the 30 days to stop and stay at home orders. give us a week. griff: vice president pence will be on video conference with governors today, we are not sure if all 9 of those will be on it. one thing that we can expect,
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you will continue to hear from the task force and the white house that the social distancing, cdc guidelines have never been important than right now. rob: griff thank you so much. carley: doctors from one of those states pleading with the governor to change his mind. in open letter nebraska doctors says thousands of cases have gone undetected because of lack of testing. nebraska has reported 364 covid-19 cases. 8 people have died. overnight third passenger from infected cruise ship docked in florida has died. 13 other people from the prince are hospitalized. 1,000 marchs have been able to take charter flights home. others have been forced to stay on board for another day because the cdc says they can't take commercial flights.
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the ship has been docked for more than 24 hours. rob: bret showed symptoms before last day in charge of theodore roosevelt. he was charged for scathing letter criticize the outbreak. >> it was based on his view that he lost faith and confidence. it was supported by navy leadership and i think it's root example how we hold leaders accountable for their actions. rob: 155 members of the theater roosevelt have tested property for the virus.
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california officials trying to lower prisons by 65%. so far 13 inmates have tested positive for the virus. carley: how about this, messages on a sidewalk. outside of new orleans hospital warming hearts of medical workers working on front reins of covid-19. rob: manager else. one note reads thank you for what you're about to do and then as they leave another reads you are extraordinary. >> it was sweet of whoever did that and surprise going home after a long ship. carley: for more inspiring news like this, go to rob: massive military response to the virus.
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>> as of tuesday we would have deployed over 3,000 military and public health professionals to new jersey, connecticut and other parts of our country. rob: our next guest worked at the state department shows how move how dire the situation is. carley: a tiger at at the bronx zoo is first animal to test positive but can animals pass covid-19 to people? we will ask a doctor that very question.
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♪ wash, washy wash, washy wash ♪ ♪ wash your hands ♪ scrub 'em while you sing this song ♪ ♪ wash, washy wash, washy wash, wash ♪ ♪ rub your hands and fingers ♪ and the places in between ♪ using soap and water ♪ makes your hands so clean ♪ ♪ wash your hands ♪ great job, you're almost done ♪ ♪ five, four, three, two, one vo: taking care of yourself is also taking care of others. we're all in this together. >> orchestrating massive response and we are sending military personnel. as of tuesday we would have deployed over 3,000 military and public health professionals to new york, new jersey and connecticut and other parts of the country.
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rob: the president calling on the military on fight against coronavirus as the u.s. epicenter moves close to top of virus curve. carley: what would their role be in fighting the invisible enemy. rob: thank you so much for coming on. the timing here could be critical. the worst week in new york, what are we going to see here? >> in the next few days we will see military personnel from the u.s. northern command based in colorado springs deploying at about a thousand people to new york. the medical professionals would include doctors, nurses, and others who have seen medical work in the battlefield and this is a battlefield for the united states. it happens to be on the home front, but they're well equipped for this kind of activity.
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about 300 will be placed at the javits center and others will go to hospitals throughout new york and perhaps some of the make-shift hospitals that are being developed right now. carley: yeah, sounds like the critical amount of people. do you think it's enough to fight this as we enter probably the most difficult week that we have seen yet in new york city? >> kiron: no one knows yet but this is an attempt to be well prepared and the numbers are calculated based on what the government officials expect to happen, perhaps we can never have enough, but the fact that the u.s. military coming in represents a sense that there's going to be discipline and logistic support, the things that the u.s. military excels
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nationally and internationally will be represented in our most popular city this week. rob: talk about how this is supposed to be the last resort, final straw when you get to this point and you have to bring military in, right? >> kiron: i don't quite like that vocabulary. i think they represent in some ways the best of america because they bring the experience of care and responsibility of discipline and organization and commitment to mission and they work well with civilians especially northern command which is past with protecting the home front so i think this is expected to happen and it's happening not just in new york. we are seeing in dallas, in new
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orleans, seattle. coming together of civilians and military to save our nation. carley: kiron, what exactly the military personnel will be doing day-to-day? >> kiron: providing medical support if they would all over the world. we also have expeditionary units that are excellent at providing and building air-conditioning and heating system. we have a range of people, the army corps of engineers, beyond northern command deploying thousand forces in new york that are contributing to what new yorkers already do well but providing additional support and expertise, so really building out the system as the medical professionals focus in on those who need help the most. rob: hopefully providing some relief. doctors and nurses are working so hard right now.
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they are just completely exhausted. they need all the help they can need. kiron skinner, thank you so much >> kiron: we have to worry about the military and their family and they are being stretched thin as well and the medical professionals, those who i'm concerned about, those being deployed to american cities also have a responsibility back to the military, those in the military, the servicemen and women who need medical assistance and their families. rob: right. >> kiron: it's stretching everyone in ways that perhaps we weren't prepared for but we have to worry about the implications of this back to u.s. military. carley: absolutely, 1,000 servicemen and women infected with covid-19. thank you so much for coming on,
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appreciate it. >> kiron: thank you. carley: 17 minutes after the hour, a new test for the virus to begin today, how patients who have recovered to covid-19 will play a key role. rob: 3d hobby creating hundreds of face shields for first responders. the student says he stepped up because he we wanted to help and he joins us live coming up. robinhood.
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actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. wash your hands. avoid close contact with people who are sick. avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. stay home when you are sick. cover your cough or sneeze. clean and disinfect frequently touched objects with household cleaning spray. for more information, visit this message brought to you by the national association of broadcasters and this station.
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of broadcasters [ "one morwoo!me" by[ laughing ] woo! play pop music! ♪ no way dude, play rock music! yeah! -woah! no matter what music you like, stream it now on pandora with xfinity. and don't forget to catch trolls world tour in theaters and at home on demand friday.rated pg. let's party people! ♪ one more time carley: good morning. welcome back, mayo clinic launching a test to detect who is immune to the coronavirus. thousands of these tests can be run every day but the mayo clinic will focus on healthcare
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workers and those who can vote plasma treatment. stanford university are also taking samples in a race to find the cure. florida congressman mario díaz ballard wants to use plasma to help people recover. i want to reiterate the seriousness of this sickness and i encourage to continue to follow cdc guidelines, rob. rob: absolutely. one missouri teenager channels hobby in life-saving action providing critical protection equipment, ppe, he's working to provide first responders with face masks and also face shields and that high school sophomore connor jones joins us this morning. good morning, connor. >> good morning. rob: we really appreciate it. tell us what you're doing. >> we are trying to mass produce
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face shields for our first responders and healthcare people, just kind of for the local community in colombia. rob: absolutely and you were initially trying to make face masks and shield for workers because you ran into a hang-up, right? >> yeah, safety regulations from the federal government we have run on a few things. we knew it was going to happen so we switched over to first responders because we knew we could help them. rob: absolutely. your dad is a police officer and you have a 3d printer and from what i understand this thing is working overtime probably printing as we speak making the masks and shield, talk about that a little bit. >> we have been going 24/7 in the past week and a half trying to make face shields for anybody who needs them. rob: just trying to do whatever you can us. most people are standing by, they are hanging out in the house, you know, laying low, you
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decided to come out and you're only a sophomore in high school and go the extra mile, where did that inspiration come from? >> well, my family is a law enforcement family so we like to help people and i just kind of saw that there was a need for it in our community and i just wanted to go help. rob: absolutely. are you hopeful. let's pull up numbers real quick, your state missouri has ordered more than $43 million worth of ppe, like a lot of states over the last few weeks we have seen the lagging where they need the masks, they need gloves and in a lot of ways weren't prepared for this. are you hopeful that maybe your masks in the coming months could be used for healthcare workers, i know there's a process, right? >> absolutely. we are working with the hospitals in our area right now and, yeah, we are hopeful that we can help a lot more people. rob: yeah, i'm sure you are as we look at the stockpile for
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your state, 42,500 face shield and down you go. where did this come from? where did the interest in 3d printing come from? is this something that you've always been into? >> i been doing it for a while and got introduced from my colleague adams and he introduced me to 3d printing and he helped me get my hands on one and i'm still working on him with this project and he's the one that got me into it. rob: absolutely. >> the other day about a week ago he posted on facebook of him working on the n-95 masks, he's trying to 3d print those. i called him, hey, i want to do something with this and he's like let's run with this and he did and we started working with a lot of great people trying to help the community u.s. stock market futures community. rob: awesome. we are looking at 3d printers.
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i still don't understand how they work. i lot of people don't know how they work but you do. konnar, you are doing a great job, thank you for coming on and getting up really early to talk about it. >> yeah, thank you. carley: great stuff. the time is now 26 minutes after the hour, the surgeon general warning this would be one of the hardest weeks for our country. >> this is going to be our pearl harbor moment, our 911 moment, only it's not going to be localized. it's going to be happening all over the country. carley: so what should americans be prepared for dr. janet with what to expect as cases are set to spike. rob: there are signs of hope from two of the hardest-hit countries. we are looking at the progress in both spain and italy.
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rob: fox news alert prime minister boris johnson in hospital to undergo tests for the virus. carley: as queen elizabeth with speech asking the country to remain vigilant. trey yngst as the world makes progress, trey. >> johnson reported also displaying mild symptoms of covid-19 after being diagnosed more than 10 days ago. 55-year-old in stable condition according to downing street and hospitalization is measure. her son and heir to the throne prince charles tested positive for coronavirus though reportedly in god health. the queen thanked healthcare workers and offered message of unity to the american people. >> i'm speaking you at an
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increasingly challenging time, a time of disruption in the life of our country, a disruption that has brought brief to some and financial difficulties to many and enormous changes to daily lives to us all. >> in another part of europe italians are seeing decline of new cases. italy saw the lowers number of new deaths since march 18th, over the weekend representative of health institute out discussed that italy must begin to prepare for phase 2 of the outbreak. officials urging people not to let guards down. a striking scene as pope francis celebrateed palm sunday mass. data released by spanish authorities yesterday indicated that 87% of the deaths from coronavirus occurred follow -- in people over 70 year's old.
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spain remains second hard hit country behind the united states. when we talk about countries worst hit by coronavirus, it's important to note that reports indicate countries like iran and china are underreporting the number of cases and deaths in the country. the new discussion moving forward is how to hold countries accountable when it comes to international community and trying to slow the spread of the virus, carley, rob. rob: amen to that. trey, thank you so much. carley: coronavirus taking heavy toll of new york city transit workers, 22 metropolitan authority workers have died, more than city's police and fire departments combined. more than a thousand other mta workers tested positive for covid-19. maryland's governor issuing emergency order to stop virus outbreaks at nursing homes.
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staff working with residents are now required to wear protective equipment. nursing homes also need to separate isolation areas, more than 80 facilities in maryland have cases of the virus including this one outside of baltimore where ten residents died. rob: georgia's governor ryan kemp facing backlash for his decision to reopen state beaches, kemp signed executive orders which threatened with fines or jail time if they don't open the beaches. city manager sean gillan will join us with his reaction, look forward to that. the president supporting the idea of a second task force that will focus on restarting the economy. >> you know, i had an expression
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that cure can't be worse than the problem itself, right? i continue to say it, the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. we have to get our country open. rob: moody analytics reports say the virus has stalled 30% of the economy since the start of march. more than 10 million people have filed for unemployment in the last 2 weeks, the economy also lost 701,000 jobs in march. carley: the white house warn it is worst is still yet to come. >> this is going to be the hardest and the saddest week of most americans' lives quite frankly. this is going to be our pearl harbor moment. 911 moment, it's not going to be localized. it'll be happening all over the country. rob: all right with cases set to peak in coming weeks or coming days what should americans prepare for fox medical contributor janet is here to
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weigh in. thank you so much, doctor, for coming on today. what are you expecting here in the next week or so? >> so, rob, it's going to be very challenging, difficult time for americans and you know, honesty and transparency is important and we will see more deaths, we will be reaching the peak. what this tells us we will go downhill. after we reach the peak, they'll be light at the end of the tunnel but we have to continue with preparedness, preparedness with staffing and supplies and continued incoming of ppe's, that's so important to keep healthcare providers healthy and we have to continue aggressive measures like physical distancing, that's so important because we see, for example, in italy and in china, in taiwan, south korea, strong mitigation efforts work. what we did 2 or 3 weeks ago will impact what we will see this upcoming week, we still have to continue social distancing, hand hygiene and
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self-isolation if you're ill especially if you have a family member, other family members in the household we don't want to spread to them. carley: we see you on tv, doctor, you're in the frenches fighting this thing. i'm wondering what you're experiencing on a day-to-day basis. are you seeing a rise of cases coming testing positive or slowly starting to see it fall off? >> yeah, so right now, carley, i'm seeing a steady influx of patients. i would say about 95, 95% of may patients that come in are coronavirus patients and occasional strep throat and most of the patients are high fevers, the main is shortness of breath and it's difficult because you are limited on what you can do.
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if they're a good candidately -- candidate i will prescribe hydroxychloroquine. i see a lot of patients with diabetes. a lot of patients that smoke that come in that have copd. good news is for most of my patients is mild to moderate symptoms. only a handful are having to be hospitalized but hopefully we will see a reduction here in the next week or two in the number of hospitalizations and people having to be put on ventilators if we really, really continue to crack down on, you know, the preventive measure guidelines that our president and vice president have put out for us. rob: guidelines are 24 more days of living like that. the weirdest story to come out of this thing has been bronx zoo and we have a tiger being first
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animal to test positive for covid-19. what does this really mean? what does this mean to you? >> i'm not surprised at all. a tiger named nadia, had dry cough and decreased appetite and amazing they swabbed the tiger and found positive for coronavirus and turns out that one of the zoo keepers or caretakers at the zoo had coronavirus. we thought originally that the virus came from a bat or a cat or some sort of animal from the wet market in wuhan, china, this is not surprising to me at all. if you at home are watching and you have animals, pets which we love our pets and animals but if you have coronavirus or you've been exposed to it, just take the extra precaution so that you don't accidentally transmit it to your pets, but we don't have any data that shows this is
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trance -- we should take precautions, i'm not surprised to hear that at all. hopefully nadia would be okay. carley: whoever knew that a tiger could cough. the first one is from -- rob: there you go. carley: she asked, reports say that 1 and 4 people are asymptomatic for covid-19. how do we know if we have the virus? >> that's a great question. that's what makes this a challenge because you could be asymptomatic and be transferring it from one person to another. that's why the cdc recently recommended if you're going to be out to run an errand, for example, picking up medication or getting food to use covering, like a bandanna or scarf but it's difficult and we still don't have enough test to test everyone. if you feel that you've been exposed or if there's someone in
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your household that has been diagnosed with coronavirus, you should take precautions as if you could potentially be a carrier, meaning hand hygiene, keep that physical distancing 10 feet because you could be a carrier and until we have more testing available we can only take precautions right now. rob: i want to get to one more from karen if we can. what are extra precautions i can take to boost immune system while staying home? >> you know, son-in-law of -- some of the most important things we can do is making sure you get well-balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, help your immune system safety. make sure you get enough rest. no smoking, if you can do exercise at home, squats,
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push-ups, that's very good for you and overall if you, again, if you think you've been exposed hand hygiene, self-quarantine to keep yourself healthy so you don't develop secondary infections and prevent the spread to other people. rob: doctor, good stuff. thank you so much. carley: we will be right back. >> thank you.
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carley: good morning, welcome back, ten mayors are demanding the state health department step up and close the polls writing in part it would be irresponsible and contrary to public health and conduct to conduct in-person voting at the very time the disease is spreading rapidly. meantime the state's national guard has been deploy today bring cleaning supplies to polling stations and serve as poll workers, 17 states have delayed elections due to
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covid-19. rob: happiest place on earth giving cash back to season holders. carley: music artists coming together for night of performances from their home. rob: stars reminding fans to count your blessings and stay united in the fight against covid-19. >> something a little different. two-hour special airing in place of academy of country music award postponed until september due to coronavirus pandemic. keith urban kicking it off with his hit wasted time.
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♪ ♪ >> carrie underwood performing from her living room. listen. ♪ ♪ jackie: fun fact she got married to her husband. ♪ ♪ jackie: long time friends honoring late kenny rogers who passed away last month. the two performing his song
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lucille and the gambler. ♪ ♪ >> the special encouraging viewers by donating to covid-19. carley: you know if you sound good in your couch -- rob: there is. the gambler. we appreciate it. pastor defying his state's ban on big gatherings yet again. the change the leader made on palm sunday to avoid being arrested. carley: if they can do social distancing anyone can. they join us live next.
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that's a $72 a year value. no one else offers this. faster speed, coverage, and free advanced security at an unbeatable value with xfinity xfi. can your internet do that? rob: pastor defying to hold large gatherings. he also called louisiana's order unconstitutional. all perishers in stayed 6 feet apart. in word on any charges. senator ted cruz blasting democrats after pennsylvania teenager is given more than 200-dollar ticket for allegedly violating the state's stay at home order. she's aware of the governor's order but didn't know that it apply today just driving around.
1:52 am
cruz writing on twitter, quote, this is absurd, dem politicians protect public safety but we don't live in a police state. carley. carley: all right, while covid-19 is -- did not stop from seeing granddaughter and new grandfather and son, new father josh and the star of the josh baby eliana is also there. is she sleeping, i hope. >> she is, she might not say much. carley: thank you so much for coming on. the photo is amazing, so much love in your eyes when you're looking at new baby granddaughter. what was going through your mind when the photo was taken? >> certainly i wanted to see her
1:53 am
and i'd love to hold her but i need to help her be safe, help our world be safe, our community. my wife works and so i hold her in my prayers and see her through glass. carley: josh, tell us about your family and your daughter, how old is she and how is everyone doing on your end? >> we are doing great. i mean, as good as you can be doing during the times. she's 6 weeks, just turned 6 weeks and, yeah, we would love to have the rest of the family members hold her and meet her but we know it's safer to wait and she's eager, i can tell when she sees grandpa through the window but, yeah, we know it's safer to wait and we would rather play it safe. carley: yeah, you certainly have a beautiful family, the photo
1:54 am
that is we are showing are incredible. i think the picture went viral because it shows how this is impacting everybody's lives and kind of the length people will go to to be with family even though they can't physically touch family members. dan, why did you decide to walk 4 miles, is that something that you do to stay healthy or was that a necessary situation? >> well, our gym is closed that we usually go to both josh and i i have to stay healthy somehow and i start today walk and i realized, if i will walk, why not walk and see aliana. [laughter] carley: absolutely. josh, you said something very interesting on your instagram page that went viral. you sort of have a message for people who aren't worried about getting the disease themselves and you're telling them why they should stay home for other people. can you echo that message for viewers who are listening right now? >> yeah, after i saw the picture of my dad and just seeing him
1:55 am
and knowing how bad he wanted to be in the house with her, i just thought i know he's not worried about getting it. i know he doesn't think that we have it but he knows it's safer to wait and so i realized there was a bigger message behind just looking at the picture, just seeing how eager he was to get to her but playing it safe made me realize that the rest of us, we can do this. carley: that's so sweet. you know, this probably goes without saying but what's the first thing you're going to do once you can see your family again, touch them? [laughter] >> well, we are going to spend quality time and have a few chats and do a lot of goofy smiling. carley: she's so precious. you're such a beautiful family and i think that photo is
1:56 am
difficulty one worthy of a frame to say the least and elliana is a tv star. thank you for coming on. >> thank you, thanks for having us. >> yeah, thanks for having us. rob: can i hear the baby? carley: yes, you can. rob: very cute. 56 minutes after the hour. president trump opened to assembling a second task force to focus on the economy. what exactly should that look like? carley: former chief economy steve morici joins us with house insight.
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announcer: there are everyday
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actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. wash your hands. avoid close contact with people who are sick. avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. stay home when you are sick. cover your cough or sneeze. clean and disinfect frequently touched objects with household cleaning spray. for more information, visit this message brought to you by the national association of broadcasters and this station.
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>> starting to see light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully at the not too distant future we are proud of the job we all did. rob: monday april 6th, light at the end of the tunnel, the president's message striking a more optimistic tone than warnings that the america will bring next pearl harbor and 911 moment. carley: live with the latest. rob: new developments on the other front of fighting covid-19. carley: support to reopen the country and put americans back to work.


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